Minidisc Toc Editor (mdtoceditor)

mdtoceditor labels the User Table Of Contents (UTOC) of a minidisc, sending infrared (IR) signals to a minidisc deck. (Screenshots 1, 2)

mdtoceditor uses lirc to transmit IR signals. So it should works with all types of transmitters, that are supported by lirc. mdtoceditor is tested with the transceiver IrDeo Remote. For Sony decks you need lirc >= 0.6.5.

mdtoceditor is intended to support any type of deck that can be controlled by IR commands. The details of the deck specific IR command sequences are separated in small loadable plugins. Plugins are written in the script language Tcl, so writing and contributing additional plugins doesn't require any development environment. There is a documentation of how to write a deck plugin for mdtoceditor.

Currently plugins are available for:

   - Modern Sony decks ( Confirmed for MDS-JE330, MDS-JE530, MDS-JE640 )

mdtoceditor uses lirc for sending IR signals, gdbm as database and Qt as GUI toolkit and Tcl for plugins. For all listed components free implementations for Win32 systems exist. mdtoceditor was written and tested under Linux, but was compiled successfully under Win32. Unfortunately the current WinLirc release 0.6pre2 can't control modern Sony decks and doesn't include the lirc protocol for transmitting. Also WinLirc doesn't support all transmitters supported by lirc. So, at the moment, the only useful thing that can be done with the Win32 mdtoceditor is to connect remotly to lirc.

mdtoceditor is distributed under the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (LGPL) and can be downloaded from sourceforge.